Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hi Everyone today we went and picked up our new soon to be Blythe homes. We went to the hardware store and got 2 new white book shelves.
Now comes the most exciting part "Oh what colors to go with." The bottom shelf will become the kitchen and  the middle shelf will be the living room. The 3rd self and the top will be bedrooms.

If you would like to suggest a color for anyone of these rooms. We would love it. The winner of all the decisions will be sent a little something for there Blythes.

So hurry and send us your thoughts.......

Have a great day everyone...
Jayne and Jill

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our New Look

Did you notice our new look. If so don't your just love it.

Well Thanks to a very special blogging friend named Olivia over at
Who has made this great new header for us.
We love the colors. We love how the pictures turned out.

We want to thank Olivia for all her hard work and hoe great it turned out.

Make sure to check out Olivia's Blog it is soooo cool!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Blythe Excitement

Hi There... it is Jill here.
I hope you all had a great weekend. Jayne and I did. We had another snow storm here on Friday night. We got a lot of fluffy snow on Saturday morning. We went sliding and had a ball in it. It was to fluffy to make a snowman.
Saturday we also helped Mom clean our rooms and do some moving around. I am getting a new addition to my little room, because it is so tiny.

 My Mom and Dad are getting a new room as well. I will get part of there old room. I am going to have a lot of new things in my new room including a new bed.

My Dad worked all weekend on there new room it is going to be huge. They have a giant walk in closet and small fire place in it as well. My Mom is building a small craft corner in it as well for her scrapbooking.

Jayne also cleaned her room on Saturday. We are getting ready for a new home for our blythe dolls.
This is going to be a exciting that will require the help from our readers.

Next week both Jayne and I are getting new homes for our blythes. We are going to do a 10 day blog on the building,designing, and layouts of the houses as they are being put together.
The best part is we are having a 10 day party.
WHAT!!!! You might ask.....


Yes we are having a party. Well kinda. A house warming party. We are calling it BLOG BLYTHE HOUSE

What happens is our friends out there in the blogging world will get to help us design our blythe houses.
We are very excited and Jayne will be back tomorrow to explain a little more. 

Until tomorrow have a great day everyone.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi everybody it's Jayne here, wanting to tell you all the exciting things that have been going on for me.
First I want to tell you all that I am super douper excited to be back blogging.
We have missed it so much.
Christmas was a blast and I got a wii with dance party.
I also got a lot of Monster high dolls.
I also go the hydration station as well,and this great bag filled with Monster high stuff

I added a new friend to my blythe family.
Her name is Starr.

Mom got these pretty dresses from a lady on Etsy and I decided to name her Starr because she looked so pretty in this dress.

Jill got a new one as well. Holly which she will be back with later.

My room got a total make over and is now Lime green and yellow. I just got a new wicker vanity set
and a new bedspread with owls.

I love the colors.
Mom found this pillow at a thrift store and got it for me.
I keep it on my new chair in my room.

I will be back later to show you more of my room makeover.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hi everybody it's Jill
Jayne and I are back at blogging. It has been forever since we last blogged. We had found it hard to blog for awhile as we had started a new school year and was really busy with it, but things are slowing down a bit and it is a whole new year. We have been keeping up with our favorite blogs,and finding new ones.

I am so excited to be back. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We sure did.
Jayne got her wii and I got my very own laptop.
I was so excited,as I was not expecting it at all.

We also added two new members to our Blythe family.

Jayne now has Starr


and I have Holly

Mom ordered us new cloths for them from a really nice lady's shop on Etsy.

Besides Christmas my Aunt and Uncle came from far away for a visit

Here I am with my uncle Freddy.

I have helped Mom in the kitchen a lot.

Even helped out in the kitchen with the salad.hehe!

 We have been busy here with playing in the snow,

making crafts with the help from Mom

and just lazing around like kids do

Yep Jayne and I have been busy.

So how was your Winter so far? Or Summer depending on where you live.

Jayne will be back later with some pictures of her Monster High Dolls.
Have a great day.