Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jill's Fun Trip

Hi Everyone
It's me Jill here. I thought I would share a little more from our Summer vacation road trip.
I had soooooo much fun.

I played and downloaded with Jayne on our DSI xl's

We relaxed at the cottage

I went shopping, a real shopping over load,and bought a new Ds game......

I got the new Squinkies game!!!!!!
It is so much fun!!!!
Move over Mom I gettin in to play my game with you!
To bad it is really hard to see it

I also got a new ring I will post in my next post, and some more new Gomus.
Well that's it for today as it's POOL TIME!!!!! 
Have a great day everyone 

Your bud Jill

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Summer Vacation

We got back from a great family Road trip to a bunch of neat towns. We stayed in a cottage in Plaster Rock NB.
Have you Ever eaten Fiddleheads?
These ones were huge...........

This was our cottage.

This was Jill's and my room, we took right over.
I just got my hair cut and done before we left so Mom showed me how to use a shower cap. This was my first time wearing one and Mom wants to scrap book a page, so she took pictures. Hehe! I look silly!

I used some of my pocket money to buy this cool Nintendo DSI xl case for my new DSI xl.
I also bought some new pens to go with it.

We had a great time and wished it could have lasted forever.

Jill will be back later to tell you all about her finds.
Take care and have a great day Everyone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Letter

Last week when we went to the mailbox, there was a letter for me. I was so excited to open it, but it was almost to pretty to open it

. It was from my blogging friend Bella from over at
She lives all the way on the other side of the world in Australia.

Bella told me so pretty cool stuff about how it is Winter there right now, and how she loves Maple syrup.
I love her taste, she sent me my letter on pretty green stationary, (green is my favorite color) and used the prettiest tape on the back.
Thank you Bella for the wonderful letter, it made my day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More of Tangled

As you all know I love the movie tangled,and everything that has to do with it.
from the movie itself
to the poster in my room.
to the DS game
and this morning Mom, Jayne and I went shopping in the city. I found a whole lot of stickers and a sticker book at the Dollarstore. I used some of my pocket money and bought all them.

My mom is looking for some Tangled fabric to make me my very own tote to put them all in.

Next week my family and me are going on our Summer vacation, I am getting excited and have already began to pack.
I can not wait to blog it.
Take care Everyone