Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet Pippi

Hi Everyone it's Jayne here. I wanted to let you all now that our new houses are coming along great. We took a little break from them for the week as Daddy is working and he has been helping us with them in the garage.

In the meantime I wanted to tell you all the exciting news about my Mom's new Blythe.
My Mom has always wanted a custom red haired blythe with bangs. Well my Dad had a very nice lady make Pippi Custom for Mom.
She was super excited to meet her.
Say hello to Pippi
Mom has ordered her the most cutest dress.

Mom also got Starr a new dress too.

She was dressed and ready to go shopping with us after School on Friday.
We took her to Ardenes with us.
She  did not get anything but Jill and I did. They were having a great sale 3 for $10 so Jill got a new pair of slippers, and 2 new neck laces. I got a new pair of slippers,a cute peacock neck lace and a bracelet.
Mom got 2 new hand bags for spring and 2 new wallets. (I think she is going to post all these things later on in the week, on her blog as she has not taken any pictures of them yet.)
We love Ardenes. Do you live by a Ardenes? Or maybe you have another type of store like Ardenes that you love. Let us now, so we can check it out.
Oh I almost forgot Ardenes is having this great contest for the new Movie Mirror Mirror that is coming out soon. so go over to and enter.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hi Everyone!!! It is Jayne here.
I wanted to say a big thank you to Olivia for all she has done for us. Every time we get on our blog we see that great header she made for us. Also she has been helping us chose colors for our new doll houses. (thanks Olivia you sure know what we like!)

Mom has been also trying to help us chose our colors. She has a great eye for color. She has the internet helps her when she gets stuck with a color. Go and look through pictures on the internet save them and pull your favorite colors from them.
Well that is what Jill and I did. Here are a few of our favorite ones You will see how some colors repeat, showing that those are our favorites.

Then we circled the colors we loved and went to check out the hardware stores paint selection.

We found some amazing colors.

Stay tuned for the results.....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blythe hair

We are getting excited about some paint colors that we have chosen for our Blythe doll houses. We wished more of you would have joined in but knowing that our blog is new it will take time to have more followers. (that is ok because we are having a great time deciding)
But we will be back at the end of the week to show you the colors we have chosen and if you come across this post it is not to late to still join in as we have not started the painting yet.

Jayne found this really neat site last night all about cutting the bangs on your blythe. We like ours a little different   so we think hair styles do that.

Check it out! it is really cool.

Well as for us we have been busy with school. Friday we had another snowstorm.We went out Saturday and played in it.

 We helped Mom and Dad pack all there things in there old bedroom and move them to there new bedroom.
Mom is on her blog today and is going to post some progress that she has made while her and Dad have built this really big cool room.
Saturday was the same we played outside in all the new snow we got. We had a lot of it so Mom and Dad had a lot of cleaning up to do.
Sunday Jayne and I went with Mom and Dad to the next town for a drive to pick up a wood stove for our living room. The other one was much prettier but did not heat enough so we needed another.
Franny came too. Our brother Justin stayed home because he wanted to work on his skidoo.
Here are some pictures of us on our little trip.

 We always bring friends along.
 We always bring loads to do.(Mom always says we bring way to much)
 We always bring snacks to eat.
 We always act silly on trips.
And sometimes we even get to bring Franny along.

Thanks for taking the time to follow along today with our blog.